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"Dghonson" (2015-05-08)

I'm sorry, I didn't catch your name order erexin-v `With Edward Snowden on the run in Russia and reportedly threatening to unveil the entire âblueprintâ for National Security Agency surveillance, thereâs probably as much terror in Silicon Valley as in Washington about what he might expose. The reaction so far from private industry about the part it has played in helping the government spy on Americans has ranged from outraged denial to total silence. Facebookâs Mark Zuckerberg, he of the teen-nerd hoodie, said heâd never even heard of the kind of data-mining that the NSA leaker describedâthen fell quiet. Google cofounder Larry Page declared almost exactly the same thing; then he shut up, too. Especially for the libertarian geniuses of Silicon Valley, who take pride in their distance (both physically and philosophically) from Washington, the image-curdling idea that they might be secretly in bed with government spooks induced an even greater reluctance to talk, perhaps, than the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, which conveniently forbids executives from revealing government requests for information.